SugarHookup Dating

SugarHookup has still not launched by I just wanted to give everyone an update with how things are coming along. As of right now the site should be fully operational within 30 days, those of you who have already signed up for a free trial will be able to start using it as soon as the site is open to the public. I have been doing some research and it really seems like this is going to be the best place for sugar daddies, and women who are looking for sugar daddies. Although the term is common there isn’t any other online dating sites like SugarHookup,¬†it will be the first of its kind. Be sure to check back soon, once the site is up and running I will let everyone know as soon as possible!

SugarHookup Trial

As the launch day for SugarHookup nears I figured I would let everyone know about the free trial that is going to be offered. For the first two weeks that the site is running everyone will be able to enjoy a free trial membership so that they can get familiar with the members area and how everything works. This will end exactly two weeks after the site launches so it’s important to act quickly. For the people who are following my SugarHookup blog I will be creating a post to announce the launch of the site so that everyone knows when they are able to go redeem their trial. For all the guys out there that love to spoil women, this is going to be the perfect site for you. You’ll no longer have to venture out to bars or other places to find girls that are looking for a good time, SugarHookup is your solution!


SugarHookup is an adult dating site that is going to be launched relatively soon. The site will be perfect for women who are looking for guys that are willing to provide financial stability for them and it will also be great for guys who are well off and enjoy spoiling their dates. SugarHookup isn’t going to try and pretend to be something it’s not… a lot of online dating sites pretend to care about pairing up their members in long term relationships, but that’s not what Sugar Hookup is for. Their member base is going to consist of men and women who are looking for only a few select things, money, sex, and a good time. If this sounds like something you might be interested in be sure and check back often for more news about SugarHookup.


Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read my SugarHookup blog! I created this blog to talk about a new dating site I found online that will be launching soon. Ever wanted to find a guy who can simply take care of you? Or maybe you’re a guy who doesn’t mind a woman who wants to be treated like a princess and have money spent on her with wreckless¬†abandonment. SugarHookup is the best place to find situations just like that, relationships where sex and money is the primary focus. Sound interesting? Check back soon for my next update!